Empowering Steel Production: Unveiling Our Supply Prowess

ASMT Heavy Industries’ line of products has been carefully chosen to satisfy almost every need of the steelmaking industry. Our product designs incorporate high-grade materials selected specifically for each application to ensure long life with low maintenance operation.

Our manufacturing department is capable of meeting all of your needs.And engineering team works very closely with our customers to identify their needs in order to offer the best possible solutions. We creatively design products using the latest cutting-edge technologies for the steel industry in a way that not only meets our customer’s expectations, they exceed them. Our products have guaranteed durability and render trouble-free performance in the desired applications.

We are a one-stop shop where you do not require any other services from a third party company. While we specialize in the steel industry, our products are also widely used in various other industries featuring ergonomic designs.
When the manufacturing product or the spare parts you need are no longer available, or you cannot find a compatible model, you risk plant shutdown. Whether you need a small item or a complete unit, we offer OEM quality machine/spare parts at the most affordable prices, short lead-time and hassle free installations.
At ASMT, our products work with your existing equipment. Our engineers will collect data from your current equipment, and we will design, build and install a unit that is compatible with your existing machines.

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